Coarse roots

I was told it weren’t right for the event

I was told it was out of style

They said I was out of touch, and in denial

They needed a new person

One that would wear their attire

So I posed at the end of the hallway

As I slung my confidence over my shoulder,

And awoke young simba,

I brought to life their nightmare

Thick thighs,

Coarse hair,

Flamboyant bust,

Deeply engrained in melanin

He couldn’t come to terms with the ‘fro

He continuously asked me how it grew

And that confused him

So he wanted me to punish myself

Scar my scalp

Burn holes in my culture

Place chains around my body

Sit gracefully in pain,

So my roots will fall to my collarbone

Elevating my pride through their eyes

I strutted myself into the court room of his office

“You’re fired” – those words slid out of his mouth as he pop’d the top of his smile

He expected me to beg

Assuming that the word “why” would choke me

For my body to yern

My knees to fall

My hands to pray

But that didn’t happen

He misunderstood me

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