All the man I need

I thought I could say this differently

Explain why you have no balls, and is the

Slang definition of a pussy

But I can’t, I don’t have enough poetic lines not to sound like a dick

You’ve got me fucked up,

Complaining and moaning all the fucking time

Funny that,

Since you don’t seem to be complaining

When my hands moving up and down and my lips are speaking sweet songs to the tip of your dick

Or is the tightness of my pussy not satisfying enough for the lack of rounds you can go

No, no, it ain’t that

The problem is that you’re pissed

That my clit has been placed in the right place but your lack of skills make you blind

So I make fake moans and call you daddy so that you don’t realise that whilst we’re fucking I’m picturing someone else

I let her hands slide and touch places that you don’t have the balls to visit

Knowing that her lips can cause my body to evaporate smells of naughty fantasy

With her, we become every teenage boys desire

Dancing from position to position to strokes to screams to oh fuck I’m cuminnnnnnnng ahhhhhhh

Only with her do I bite my lips

Wondering how my toes can curl up like that or when did I become so flexible

Bending and arching my back like that

And that’s not even the best part….

….How she uses both her hands at the same time,

One places pressure around my neck,

I wear her hands like my chokers

The other beats my body like Congo drums,

I sing to her with my pussy

That’s why she’s all the man I need

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