To you

I want to get my words out on this page,

Get the feelings floating out of my fingertips

Shed memories onto my lap

And make the page reek with thrill

I hate you.

I deliver these words so softly

On a heavy plate

Don’t excuse the fact that it is you I am talking about

Stretching my blades to your neck

Rubbing my skin on your flesh.

We are not worthy of each other,

Not deserving of the fatal blows of daggering words

You ain’t right

And I ain’t willing to compromise

Cos you ain’t worth shit, and maybe

Just maybe that’s arrogant of me,

To believe that I am worthy of more

More than what you can give to me

I hate you!

So I’ll serve you compliments of insults till

You get the hint,

Take the hint.

It’s a gift

From me,

To you.

Allow me wrap my hate in tissue paper

It’s fragile and kept safe

Guarded and boxed so when it hits the mail

You’ll sign for it

Open it and embrace me

In your loving arms, you’ll take me as I am

Not worthy but deserving,

Of you.

As you deserve me

But we ain’t made for one another

So my hate boxes your ego

And it slides out of your hand

Making love to the marble floor

Scattering glass pieces of my soul

Because I hate you and everything

About you.

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