Right now feels just right

I told myself I like her

Endless of times without number.

I like her

I really do, 

I apply this bullshit line to my lips 

Keeping the truth sealed from her eyes.

I’m lying,

I tell myself I like her because I’m afraid I actually do

Liking every inch of her non-existent curves

Perfectly fitting the frame of her smile.

I like how, our lips touch and I peak a look to see her 

See her eyes though they are shut 

To watch them dance and leap from side to side, 

Because she likes it when I touch her there 

When my lips rub up on her neck 

She likes how my breath kisses her flesh into peace.


Completely breathless 

As she lets loose those little moans that she can’t help, 

I like it when she fights the feelings of my hands against her skin 

Fighting how badly she wants me to put my hands there,

In that special place called home

So scared that I’ll leave her homeless once I find something better 

But she don’t know she’s enough 

And I hate that.

I hate that I ain’t as good to her as she is to me 

That I can’t be her Cinderella in distress for her to come and rescue,

And maybe it’s because my empire is built on stones rather than small rocks 

Or it might be the fact that her heart is still hurting but willing to take the risk and love again



…I love that


Love that she loves me more than I can love myself 

For every breath she takes I want to be there to see it,

See her deeply inhale the love I let linger in the air whilst she’s near 

So she can see my emotions creep out through the cracks of my imperfection 

Cause every time we kiss, those cracks heal

One Comment Add yours

  1. Angel says:

    Awwwe absolutley beautiful

    do more of these 🐥 🐤


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