No ifs

I let the thought of us being something crawl on what we are now.

Though waiting for the perfect moment may never come

So I tell you I need time to think,

Cause I like watching your smile leave permanent burn marks on my heart,

So smile,

And when you’re hurting, I’ll make you smile

Carve wrinkles that never age into your face

Stitch up the marks.

The ones no one has seen

Those ones, the ones sunken deep into the spaces of your DNA.

I want to kiss them better

Watch my lips lay on them, until they are unbroken

Make love to them,

Kiss them complete happiness,

And I know that’s not possible but I want to try

To know that I did my best, even when I am afraid

And weeping with no tears

The kind of weeping nobody will notice

I want to know that in that moment, the one

That has no date,

I’ll be able to say I tried,

I fought,

I begged,

I longed for something that was worth it.

So I let the thought of us run marathons on the veins of my heart.

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