Embraced her nudity

Laid my lips on the tip of her breast

Took from it her milk

I let my hands rub on her chest

Down to her belly

On top of her woman

I manoeuvred my head between her thighs

I used the savage in my mouth to massage her

I heard her scream

I felt her cry

So I located myself in her palace

I told her to be still

I told her it’ll be alright

I watched her cry

I felt her scream

Her body spoke to me

Languages I couldn’t understand

But the softness of her words

The calm in her tone

The stillness of her breath

I understood

I raped her

Shredded at her trust

Ripped out her love

Threw rocks at her dignity

Strutted wheel marks of parallel lines on our bond

I was caught up in the frost bite poison of my moment

And here I am

Facing life to these bars of my guilt

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