The Sun Is Still A Star

I heard the sun is still a star too

That woke me up a bit

And I must admit, it had me


Because the sun may still be a star but

It’s my source of power

So just like the sun, you are that star in my solar system

Perfectly scorching my flesh to the bones

Whilst our parallel love rotates on its


Tilt to me

Mathematically tilt your body like you do your love

Heating every cold, bullet hole of emotions left by others.

Heal it,

Melt the pain of not ever wanting you to disappear away from my memory

Yield to me,

Yield like the moon does to the earth and the earth to the sun.

Though selfish to make out that you are just mine,

You spread your undefeated warmth through planets on end

Just like those planets, it spaced us out

According to your tender loving care.

We crave you,

Arching the formation of our spine to curl to your direction

Not bending out of proportion, we lean to you

Knowing that no matter how hard we lean

It would never be hard enough to break you;

A master piece

Never needed a paint brush to paint, so we hover

The bottom of our hearts at an angle

Directly proportionate to yours

So I guess the sun may be a star but…

…It’s the star to our world

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