Those journeys

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Those journeys



It was that kinda of journey

Not knowing where you’re going kinda journey

Taking routes on buses kinda journey

I know I had to get on a train kinda journey

I recognise this stop kinda journey

Oh no that ain’t right kinda journey

Do I have a destination kinda journey

Foreign smiles and awkward stares kinda journey

An uneasy rush of blood to my heart kinda journey

Those ones your brain knows you’ve fucked up kinda journey

Say goodbye to the bus driver kinda journey

Wait for the reply you ain’t going to get kinda journey

Hop off, turn right and left kinda journey

Now I know I gotta pull up Google maps kinda journey

Splats of swear words out my mouth onto my phone kinda journey

Damn I think I’m lost kinda journey

Uncertain of my certainty in trusting myself kinda journey

I let my feet lead the way kinda journey

What a wow kinda of journey

Not to toot my own horn kinda journey

I made it to my goal kinda journey

I guess it was that kinda of journey

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