Sin, Enemy and I 

There were times I cracked,

Bending to directions unknown to me.

I saw them,

Hands crawling from sight

Chipping at me.

I felt it,

Like Jesus they scarred me

Nailed me to my nettle of beds

Shut my eyes sealed with lies of forever

I know them,

A place beyond scope, they lay and rest

These demons left fractures of battles I would not have won

I rose again,

Ascending from the nightmare,

I came as a casualty and left as a warrior

Because I fought them and conquered

And I see the hurt that lays at the shore of your eye lids

Waiting for a gush of wind to grab

Like Job I was loved by him

Cast thy enemies to planes unknown

Title their sins to head stones

For public eyes will judge as I watch in the background

Just a mere thought

Chanting the remaining lies they told about me

At the table of redemption,

I started as a server

Now I sit at the top of the throne

Being served

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  1. Angel says:

    So Awesome
    Powerful 👣 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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