Was that a conversation?

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Was that a conversation?

Bus clock,

Promised me a princess and if I’m lucky a prince in three minutes, so I’ll wait for you as though it’s the last thing I’m doing in this world

Place both arms at a warming forty-five degree angle, while my fingers search openly for your longing arrival

I know it hasn’t been long, but I feel like this wait has been going on a bit too long

It’s dawned upon me whilst the 4am baby cries in my shoulders get louder from my anxious wait

You’re not coming are you?

The three-minute wait for your bitch ass ain’t real is it, and I’ve been here patiently waiting for us to never meet

Because you were never scheduled for 7:29am

So I’ve been here, like a fool, I’ve been loving someone that ain’t mine

And now it’s 7:31am and my red velvet cake patience no longer sells in shops where people go

It’s left out to soak up the bitterness of the wheelchair users eyes, when mummies with buggies turn to ignorance and selfishness as an excuse to take up space

And you were never coming in three minutes, and that’s the best part

Because I stood here waiting for you to come thru, while you drove in different directions

Not even knowing me

So take my gang signs and middle finger when you arrive at 7:45am

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