If I had to be a superhero, who would I be?

I sat in the middle of my thoughts, twisting and turning

Trying to mould something magical out of them

I laid there wondering,

Marvel or DC

DC or Marvel

So there I was, floating like an atom waiting for something special to happen

And it did,

Being the genius that I am I created the ultimate superhero

I was a God, yet humbled myself with mortal powers

DC and Marvel and everything in between

I was sculpted with the talent of healing, like Wolverine before they released Logan

I would be able to successfully challenge Thor to picking up his hammer to watch his jaw collapse to the surface of his collarbone.

I blessed myself with the sexual and unrealistic body form of Wonder Woman, while wearing the pretty boy smile of Superman

In honour of my identity and pulling a Sia on the world, I kept my face masked like Spider-Man and Batman and all the other endless superheroes that feel the need to keep their good looks hidden

The superhero I was…

Was me.

I was simply moi, cheesy ain’t it?

But that was all it took to be a superhero because the world isn’t built on the backs of traders

It’s built, brick to brick, on the backs of slaves.


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