Your words

You said you heard it through the grapevine

But that’s where the snake lives

Like Eve, your words were seduced and raped at it’s roots

Tossed and bounced around in its game of Chinese whispers

Those words have been shredded and filtered for you

Tailored into the perfect suit, to dress you in this state of mind

Keep you whipped so that you don’t challenge its authority

And just like Eve you were easily deceived, so in apologizing to the truth

Excuse yourself from your pitiful view in the fog of your reflection

I beg you not be naive into thinking your position is permanent

Those words, like you a temporary fragments of a picture yet to be finished and published to be scorned on glass screens

So keep those words held tights to the tip of your lips

Sip them back into the hole above your chin,

As those words don’t need to be heard as loud as they sound in your head

Vibrating the rims of every thought,

Your words just ain’t shit

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