Feeling him

She refused to let her guard down for one reason

To keep herself from getting hurt

From drowning in regrets and mistakes and wrong solutions,

But she allows herself get caught up in feelings she weren’t allowed to

Feelings she’d never felt for another before.

Watching her get carried away and swept off her feet,

She needed these feelings; she needed to be kept away from these feelings.


His hands slid down her neck, giving her body thrills, making her toes curl

He holds onto places where’d shed never touch before

Groping her thighs and thrusting himself onto her hip,

Her blood galloping through her veins as her nerves guides the anatomy of her curves




She waits for him to show her watch he needs of her

He sinks himself in between her legs and breaths slowly against her skin

Rubbing and licking locations she can’t see



He speaks words of encouragement

Echoing her deepest desires, whilst subduing her to positions she’s unaware of

Taking her imagination to a place beyond her scope, captivating her lust into a frame

Her mind is blown away by the grenade of love,

Her body is captivated by the missile of lust

As he enters her, she suddenly, slowly begins to embark herself on the journey of a lifetime

Open and closing her legs; her muscles tense up in pure pleasure

Secreting from her skin, a salty substance of rain drops

Giving herself to the moment, as her words run from her lips


The thought of letting go is far fetch

She’d let go

Letting him reach levels of her temple she thought was unobtainable to man, he peeked into her nature,

Leaving her vulnerable to herself

Giving her permission to bath in her own waterfall

Whilst he gradually consumes her in the magic

A trick that required only one audience,

The audience of her body.

For her to listen with her eyes and hear with her mouth,

Loosing all sense of control to the sound of his hands

Rushing him out of her, so the neighbors can catch her cry out his name,

As tears stroll out of her eyes and onto his back

For him to roll over and whisper the same words of encouragement

“I love you”


But she laid on covers and bed sheets she’ll never see again


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