Nothing is new under this sun

Why burn the history books when history is ready to restart?

Like a garden of roses, history is a weed

Forces it’s way through the dry soil and burnt stories,

Pulling its head out above the ground, it grows past the roses and rises to the surface

So let’s dance in formation of a pre-written circle,

Hold hands with neighbouring countries,

Enslave and beat traditions into forbidden land

So we can peacefully gas an entire religion, turn their everything into ashes and souvenirs for tourists

Make women fight for “equality” that will never be implemented

Embed privilege into skins of snow, chain skins of coal.

Let’s start by wiping Africa out, place watered down cultures in its section when viewing the map

Connect the dots of all humanity to its centre and make the people yellow.

Yellow toned with ringlet hair strands that dance to their collarbones and sings as it swings in the wind,

Let’s casually remove Asia,

Keep the land there nameless and faceless, allow its population fall into the cracks of history and disappear in silence.

Let’s carefully stretch out pale faced countries over most of the earth’s surface and watch it spread like cancer

So why burn the history books, when second editions are already being printed?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adrianna says:

    Clever … im left speechless

    📚 🎈


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