The suicide note

Been lying to you,

Staring at you whilst you stand in the mirror

Looking right back at you and smiling

Been watching you, watch me

How we step in line with each other,

Smoothly adjusting your secrets, out of place in my mind

I see how we know what is really going on

How we tip toe around the house that we never made a home

The one we both don’t have keys too

Sorry I didn’t tell you this earlier

Was too coward enough to understand what we were feelings

A pack of emotions sold at flees markets for cheap labour of exchange

The one I gave to you as a gift that birthday

I apologise for the mistake of not seeking aid when we needed it most

So take this as a notice of eviction from this place

You call life

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adrianna says:

    Fantastic. Love it !

    👀 🔭


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