Who governs Britain?

Who governs Britain?

If it was a question and I was to answer,

I’d simply say it’s the terrorists that are dressed like the KKK


All the shes and hes that hide in our TV screens,

They laughed and chanted Britain needed an exist.

It’s time to take your head out that shit hole, stop burying yourself in the nonsense that’s designed as ‘news’,

Everything they said was bull

And innocent people are now living in shit,

Terrible homes and poor accommodation, slowly sipping their health into deterioration,

Maybe they are not so oblivious and naive

They placed those white faces that’s on the other side of our pixelated borders.

Handing our lives over at polling stations,

And they dance around our money, while we watch from the side line clapping and smiling like fools

The real answer is,

The people stupidly assume they govern Britain,

Because they think their tax means shit.

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