Series 30: The classroom 12

I see the girl who looks at her hands constantly shaking whilst her heart beats hard enough, leaving echo prints on her t-shirt

I see the boy who watches his laughter drown the sour voices in his head out

I see that kid that speaks to loud, in hopes of becoming deaf to those suicidal thoughts roaming freely in her head,

I see those children in the background, blending into walls of decor hoping they’ll eventually join them

I see that blonde boy who stares at his reflection long enough to become an art piece on display

I see how his girlfriend directs her eyes to his every move slowly realising that he’ll never look at her the same way

I see my neighbour, every lesson in the same spot we don’t flinch

Knowing that we have sworn an oath to remain side-by-side till the very end

Her ride or die, but she knows that I won’t be here in the end to see her through,

To hold her hand when her heart gets broken and raped out of her chest, because we aren’t friend like this

We aren’t even friends

I see her stand in circles of square rooms longing for us to hear her words, though she knows we’re numb

I see them in me every time I step into a classroom.

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