Series 30: The classroom 2

The system fails me every time and she wonders why I hate her classroom

How I despise her voice,

How she calls my name assuming it’s okay to laugh every time she makes the same mistake

It’s been a year,

So that behaviour is fucking unacceptable,

I refuse to let her dismiss my blackness, ignore my heritage, my name,

What the FUCK man.

Every ounce of struggle that has been beaten within the scopes of my mental state

How her schemes doesn’t acknowledge my presence, just leaves me to labor in vain

And so what if my jeans sag a little,

If every girl’s eyes follows the print in my grey tracky, it’s not my fault my dick draws this much attention from white eyes

So don’t you ever raise your voice at him, he’s sensitive to noise and needy bitches

He has a lot to offer that you can’t teach me in class

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