Series 30: The classroom 3

The system fails us both,

And I work hard as an oath,

To me, myself and I,

To not fall into the cracks of predicted stats,

I can’t be like him,

I can’t watch myself slowly wither away into the fine lines,

Grey matters and black skies,

Bodies on top of bodies, packed into small spaces

We can’t be similar,

I refuse to find myself confined within rooms of limitation,

Oppressed and suppressed beneath a failing system,

One of us has to escape from this hell without a scratch,

And I apologise to him, although you’re my boy,

We have different aims,

I see the target, I’m ready to shoot and I won’t be missing

I’m telling the system to fuck itself and it doesn’t require me quitting,

Let my grades slip through the fractures of holes in teenage girls,

Or enough hours in the day to contemplate suicide or murder,

As I wonder which one would be the best answer?

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