Series 30: The classroom 8

And I know someday I’ll need it,

Even though it’s a measly piece of paper I could easily recreate,

Transform and decorate it with dates and grades,

Have everyone be proud, smile on results day, tell me I could do it,

But it has no value,

Let’s think about it,

I stare,

To read,

To memories,

To recite,

To achieve,

And not one time am I actually learning,

About the shit that counts,

How they calculate my tax,

How much mortgage I’ll pay,

How much debt I’ll be in,

How I’ll raise kids off borrowed money,

How I’ll be in a dead end 9-5,

How it’s my degree to blame,

How I’ve lost my way,

How the passion for doing things that matter, that mean something, are no longer important,

How I’ll marry my teenage sweetheart,

How she’ll never work because that’s the way we do things,

How I’ll be stuck between happiness and loneliness,

How I’ll be ungrateful and want more for myself,

How I’ll struggle to take on responsibilities when I need to,

How I’ll be the father my father was to me,

How he never left so there’ll be no foot for me to follow,

How I’ll smile 365 days a year knowing I’m stuck in a loop,

But at the end of it all,

I still work hard,

And repeat,

I stare,

To read,

To memories,

To recite,

To achieve,

Because it’s better to achieve something than nothing at all,


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