The company

For only one side prevails in battle,

So challenge us,

Be so confident to stand before us,

Take us to the front line and fire.

Assume that your actions have affected us, has made us re-evaluate our strategies,

You are naive young tribe, afraid that deep within the oppression you are lost

But fear no more,

Because the answer you seek endlessly, moving your meaningless being through time has been proven to be true.

We hand out half hearted, copy and paste apology letters, leave it to make festival noises in your feeds and you watch as we resume our lives

For our lives are just as important as yours, so stop being selfish as you parade yourselves through our streets rioting those BLM posters and chants

Because we’ll continue to place those obstructions in your presence within our country and continue to feel that racism doesn’t exist,

And the colour of your skin no longer acts as a cancer in your life; naive as you are you’ll believe us

The chips in your head recognise to push you into formation to obey and serve the flag that incarcerated your nation, your country

And our country that’s built with your hands on your backs,

All for you to accept that we are saddened by the mistakes we commit, stupidly think that monkey is what we mean,

Rather than


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