A negro woman’s march

And I think the nail has been hit on the head, how his-story writes the white her-story to remind us that it’s not our-story that’s been printed in the newspapers or published on the tv screens,

The Pankhurst reinforce that they were marching for white women rights and white women struggles, how they’ve been denied the equality they are biologically entitled to,

So how dare the coloured assume they are the only one who are oppressed, faced with difficulties that are yet to be acknowledged, but it’s not enough to say fuck the system when the system is only fucking you over for one reason,

For it is hardship that comes with being a woman, heartbreak that comes with being coloured, trauma that comes with being black,

Now imagine how it must feel to be a woman of colour, to constantly have society rape you of your rights, leave you vulnerable to predators, in a state of isolation for life,

Imagine your fellow women standing side by side, arms interlocked in unison to prevent your liberation,

Because you don’t look like them, your hair doesn’t rain down your neck to your collarbone, your skin doesn’t age as though you’ve been attacked by acid,

For your sisters to fall into the sequence of ensuring your oppression continues,

I guess the nail has done more than helped me realise that I can no longer march for myself,

I must march for every black and asian woman that feels as though their-story will only be heard in the echoes of white female voices.

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