E.L (Extroverted Lover)

That’s what I am, a showman

Just tricks and treats ready to be unboxed,

How eyes watch in awe of me, in awe of us,

As we stand in the middle of a crowded room,

bodies on top of bodies, gathering to remove the gaps in the atmosphere,

Where our eyes make sonnets scream from our mouths.


Love me for the world to see, hold me tight in public

Let them know I’m yours and yours alone.

Take me whole and let your love devour me,

Shed me into broken pieces like you’ve ripped my heart of my chest,

Ruffle through these layers of skin, touch me from within.


Whisper loving lies into my ears when people lurk,

Let your words caress the fortitude of my being,

Please let those shivers travel through my veins  

Let my knees go weak when your voice kiss’ my eardrums,

Run the bass of your words into my thoughts,

Embrace me with your tender hands; wrap me up like a gift within the safety of your arms

Let your love sing symphonies into me.


Peel yourself back like a banana as my eyes strip you.

Let the language of love lead you to me as we share each other’s space

Reveal to me the secret to your climax,

Allow my lips cater to your every need,

Let’s turn our passion into flames, let me be your muse

As though I am that liquor,

The liquid courage you need.

Show me your deepest fear – I’ll be your princess charming  

I want to rescue you from every nightmare,

I want my voice to be your saving grace,

Just as yours saves me from drowning.


Peel every layer of me like an orange  

Watch me open my everything to you,  

Take me as I am, allow yourself be vulnerable around me

Wear your heart on your sleeve

I’m in need of my equal,

I’m in need of an extroverted lover

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  1. Angel says:

    A persons Favourite flavour

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