He says I’m a snack,

Whole meal in fact,

Not because of a hashtag

Cos he knows I taste good.


All those days of practicing on the lips on my face has paid off

As we spend our nights kissing each other in unseen places,

He whispers his desires in between my thighs

And I make those wishes come true when I’m on my knees,

Though I propose with no rings he understands this.


I’m no longer the girl of his dreams, I’m everything to him

As I transform and manipulate my body and my ways

He dares himself to try and keep the same pace,

Cos’ our heart seems to be beating in sync,

So I need no choir to sing his praises when my mouth opens up.


I take him in me, deep within my waterfall, to release from my breath a soft relief of pleasure

For his pressure leaves me at awe and his mouth leaves me bare,

Though in the night, split seconds before dawn calls upon our bruised bodies

We embrace ourselves,

Within moments of marathons and sprints we seem to deem worthy of our lust.


And I need not to say he doesn’t cry alone,

Cos’ those tears fall upon my tongue and down my throat

A safe haven,

A place of pure serenity,

To simply love and to love another,

For something greater than lust but not worthy of minimalising it into 5 letters and 1 word



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I loveddd this. Amazing!


  2. Angel says:

    Ummm ….. Looking forward to the Main course



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