Nothing is ever simply just words,

As though to say I love you doesn’t have deeper desires of lust and lost attached to its ribs caving in on itself for just your loving hands to come close, to close the gap between our words, I find myself echoing spiritual chants of not wanting my feelings to drown my heart in unsensible thoughts drawing a future of us, but to admit that I might fear attachment that hasn’t been nurtured by my mother’s hands may be the reason why I never reply, why I watch you type and pray that you don’t notice I’m online, because the stars no longer seem to be light years away when my body laid on you and your hands laid on me,


The need to understand the difference is more than just a collection of emotions,

It’s a gathering of the elders discussing the outcomes of problems that are yet to arise within the broken values of the community, as if the people are not waiting in anticipation of meaningless conclusions that will neither solve or answer the mysteries hidden in the power of touch, because the stars no longer seem to be light years away when the math is modified


Clothes minus body plus night equal existence

To embrace myself within you, seeking a me I know I’ll be unable to account for, feelings and emotions leaping through my anatomy I secret parts of myself through cumming in your midst for you to leave with an ounce of me clinging onto your skin, our bodies dance in my memory and I hope not for them to stop but to slow down and realise that this is not forever, because the stars no longer seem to be light years away and you are just in my head and your hands on my body, with your lips on my…


He is not real,

For how can a boy, a man, a male be so certain of himself being captured in my hippocampus, stuck between the thoughts and ideas of desires reciting that the star no longer seem to be light years away, when our skin meets on top of homes that aren’t ours and countries that hate us, but that’s not how it feels when the proximity of our beings are in range of battling our personal space yet I love you will never leave these lips never see the light of day never make it to your ears


So I apologise for running,

Away from commitment I refuse to invest myself to something worthy of my time of my acknowledgement because I fear that the me I am supposed to know may be someone I am not prepared to stand under the spotlight for, I don’t want to fight for me, I want to know the stars no longer seem to be light years away from me.

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  1. Angel says:

    Reality is a powerful mystery



    1. Mmmm interesting


  2. Romeo’s Juliet says:

    …Teach me your questions that I may be the answer
    Breathe me to your lungs let me be your Cancer…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. …What if I inhale to deep to come back?
      Fed you foul lies in hope of keeping you;
      What then should I make of our touch, our lust, or love?…


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