Emptying myself

I don’t like medication but I’m for sure one to pop pills

Red pills

Blue pills

White pills

Black pills

Pink pills

Green pills

Purple pills

All these pills dancing in my mouth

Each one a different flavour,

Changing impacts

Yet the one thing that stays constant is my need to fade

No longer exist to feel this pain no one can understand

But when time will do what it does,

Pass me by and wave goodbye

I’ll simply come back to reality,

And press repeat because this hell has no pause

No moment to breath

Run for what can’t be seen by the eyes of another

The monsters that are bored of lurking in the dark.


So I crush these pills when their voices get loud

And their faces get clearer,

Smashing them to taste them strangely, hoping to have them dive into areas they don’t know

Play with parts of me I don’t use.


Still I take them in,

Transporting them to sectors of me just to simply

Not feel




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