A question of Christianity ​

If there’s no sin, there’s no punishment.
But thee was born in sin and in the womb thee was baptised in thy mothers iniquities,
Thee should have hung thy soul and body with the umbilical cord if thee had known
Oh for thee was cursed and casted into this life, where thy sins hung upon thy being like an anchor
Chaining thee to the cracks on thy skin,
Had he not been nailed and slaughtered like a pig for the sins thee committed?
Was Jesus not shunned and turned away by thy people when he was in need?
Jesus still laid his life on a butchers table to be divided and conquered,
But thee asked thyself, hath Jesus not died for thy sins
So why is thy name still blotted in the book of sinners and wrongdoers?

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  1. Angel says:

    This is so very True

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