I need not ask for him to pass me the pen,

I’ll refuse to hold it with my hands for I have different uses for them,

I lean in and pucker my barbie lips to seduce his ken,

I leave an eye open, watching to see if he’ll reveal his gems.


A bumper car moment creates these naughty motions,

Physics pulls us apart,

But we abide by our natural notions,

I take a second aim, this time with a stronger dart,

But our lips do not collide, in fact a soft landing,

Our hands appropriately placed,

As we subconsciously know we are standing.


We take it as it is, running back and forth, our hearts are chased

Not trying to show our faces obviously we leave no cases,

So we take this where it should be,

Where we are hidden, a dark place, speedy paces

These clothes flee,

Under sheets and naughty giggles,

We dance in dark lights, to not be seen

Right, left, his body moves and wiggles.


I know these feeling were familiar like something off a movie screen,

Yet I held on like the credits were about to roll out,

Leaving myself bare to this scene,

But my waterfall had now become a drought.


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