He loves me, he loves me more

To be happy would mean I’d be with both of them,

But I can’t be happy so I will settle with content,

Satisfied with one of them and that’s okay,


One vowed to be in my life no matter what,

He’ll stick, like glue, he’ll be there

I can’t be with him and slander the other, express the distaste that nests in my mouth,


The other, loves me,

Overwhelmed by this simple sensation that crushes his existence,

He’s in awe of me and everything about me,

But he hurts me,

His words cut me deep, open scars I didn’t even know were healing,


For what am I to do?

Which one do I pick?

Am I even in authority of choice?

To dabble in this course as though it’s for the taking,


Knowing that only one of us will win, or all will fall short of this love game

And selfish of me,

So selfish of I to assume to such a position of power,

But I don’t intend on losing

Not this time at least.


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  1. Angel says:


    What to do ….

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