Liking love

Like and love are both four letters strong and yet so easily misused,

He told me he loved me but he was wrong, his trigger happy fingers danced to the wrong letters and now he’s stuck,

Repeating it to himself because he has to convince himself first in order for me to live it,


I had decoded the O into an I and the V into a K,

I was always one step ahead of knowing what it is he was trying to say.

What had me dazed and confused was the constant re-arrangements of his letters,

Did this boy not learn the difference?

To think he sat in class staring into the ceiling assuming the stars would appear and light up his world,

Cover his consciousness with clouds of wonder, though his wandering mind has now created slippery fingers,

The same ones that are stuck on love, yet his actions scream that he is only learning to like me,


And although I am not angry, no rage is in site when his words attack me,

I do sit back in pain of this pleasure he assumes he’s creating,

Like he’s the genius behind the existence of love and so he knows it like the back of his hands,

Those dirty weapons he strokes me with, seducing my body into his warmth whenever we embrace our personal space




It may be my eyes playing tricks on me,

Manipulating my mind into a disfigured mirror, that has my reflection calling out my name,

I hear his voice in her mouth and I push towards the glass,

Forming into man and mirror,

Where words have no owners, there’s no leash surrounding their meaning,

Just free forming, roaming in peace, and my feet follow,


To see whether those letters were meant to be, maybe my heart has been deceived by my mind,


Maybe; maybe not,


I attach myself to the lead to find,

L.O.V.E right beside L.I.K.E,

Just like I expected it to be

For like must come first, in order for us to love


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  1. Angel says:

    Yeah this is exellent

    Makes you think 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

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