Many faced gods ​

We find ourselves in quarrels of where to go and who to believe,
Lost in the interconnectedness of our existence, looking around
Searching pages for answers to something we are yet to know,
Lacking the patience of the dead, we begin wars
Rage against our neighbours when we can’t reach an agreement,
Barking like headless dogs at clouds that won’t respond, we find our emotions hanging on the line
In line for death row, seeking and craving a voice we are yet to hear
A battle line is drawn and we are guns out,
Swords up,
Hands ready to leave it all, lay our lives on no mans land
To fight for these gods
The many faced gods
That dress in our skin
They use our words
Leave us naked in fields of hopelessness
Bath in our wine
Take our gold
Spend our currencies
Kill our brothers
Rape our daughters
Slander our mothers
Destroy our fathers
Yet we hold each other at gun point, seeking approval for our actions
We long for their presence that we are yet to see
We find ourselves running towards a something we can’t see,
Talking nonsense about a life we do not own,
A light at the end of a tunnel we have no knowledge of,
But these many faced gods
See us,
Watch us,
Become us,
Rule over us,
Laugh at us,
Take over our everything,
Yet we pray to just be in their midst,
To be apart of them,
Something greater than ourselves

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