The Baptism of Jayeola Hassan ​

I beg that you lay me naked and bath me in your holy water
Wash my sins with the blood of my enemies
Rinse the glory away from my palm and kiss my lips with the thorns I crowned you with.
Lower my being into a graveyard of despair
I am not worthy of your presence;
Allow daggers pierce me, let those wounds never heal.
Take the words of man from my throat, may my words not stain the ears of believers again.
Construct a new me from your clay of pottery,
Carve a heart of silk and gold worth more than the riches of man
But I am wrong, because I sink in bath water of iniquities
And ask like a fool of things that is of man
Things desired by men
I still have my demons in my skull whispering foul things
Despite my unworthiness, I beg of thee to help me
Took me eighteen years to walk a five minute journey,
And I’m here at your house wearing my sins on my sleeves
Carrying the burden of a lifetime on my shoulders
And I ask of you, of your son
Jesus please forgive thee, for I have sinned against you
I have spoken words of evil
Spat out your name in times of need,
Placed your head on my bed side to remind myself who reigned over man
But I was foolish, nothing more than a mere man looking to just stand at the right hand of God
With a heavy heart and a torn mind I have found my way to you
Forgive me.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Angel says:

    Im speechless

    That is SO Powerfull
    Im crying 😢

    Liked by 1 person

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