The tale of Lucas and Jesse ​

On the mountain of hunger and salvation,
The Devil heard from beneath that Jesus’ belly rumbled the world
Where Jesus had a thirst he himself could not quench, the Devil came with a lake
Jesus blew words at the Devil and he fled
Where Jesus stood and hushed his starvation, the Devil came with a buffet
But Jesus laid it flat on thin paper and sang with heavy lungs that man does not live on bread alone
So the Devil bowed at the feet of the holy one and faded like art into the background
But don’t be so naive to believe he wouldn’t be back
And there he was to challenge Jesus’ authority
Don’t forget…
The Devil isn’t human, he’s a fallen angel
So his power comes from a place where we dare not enter,
Where fire burns in languages unheard, and screams echo in its blaze

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