dreaming nightmare

My body stiff to the numb reality that sinks between the spaces of my brain,

I am a lost found wrecked ship of pieces struggling to fall into place,

I, strapped tight to the graveyard of this comfortable bed

Dead with slumber, my eyes rest easy with my thoughts playing circus,

I hear their voices before their faces emerge from the blackness of their tone, 

Eyes, magnetically connected to the scene of me,

I, stretch my words to the heavens and not a screech of sound leaps 

Again their eyes meet me, destruction surrounds me as they gather to make my circumference 


Heart pounding out of my chest, thump, thump, thump I’ve become another laughing stock 


Body formulating shapes on the ground, in the air – Jay the contortionist performs 


Mind is disfigured with fear and delusions drawing me deep, a slide destined to leave me engulfed by these demons – I look like them; they look like me

Hands attached to bodies that aren’t mine reach to hover around my existence,

I am becoming an entity of the particles around, my plea for saving just a contributing mock 

It increases the volume of this sad little girl’s voice that leaves me through this hole in my face, 

Her words say “believe me” but I am unable to believe so,

To imagine myself in this state, trying to escape this mouse trap of ideations hammering at me,


Cannot bare another life second of this – a glitch occurs between those time loops and…


At the edge of infinity and beyond, simply torn at the endless methods there is to take,


Adding the math together to eliminate the prospects of pain laughing at my demise,



Knowing my blood will become an art work on concrete floors for the world to see

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  1. Angel says:

    So brilliant 💛 💛

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