I’ve got something to say

I refuse to allow my words get taken whole and devoured by these voices, 

Have it beaten and raped by the hands that build the walls of my oppression, 

My mouth open and commands your ears to listen, 

Stand straight and draw near,

To hear the sadness crawl out of my throat and into the air,

So hear,


As my voice ripples through the screaming sea,

A wave that rises pass the moon’s calling for the time has come,

For these letters have forged into an army of soldiers that march like anxiety and depression creeping up on you,

Cause the freaks are here to stay, no going back to our countries as we’ve laboured to create the empire you call home,





Assuming we are to disappear and whither into a nothingness,

Like the dying birds and bees,

Who have not survived to see 

Where we are today, 

A glimmer of what should have been hope,

Scorched    dismissed    victimised 

Into a strange abyss 

Where we all are,

Where you stay and listen,



That is to 


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  1. Angel says:


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