Love Jae

I want to love you,

Desperately love you 

I want to love you,

Vulnerably love you, 



To love every ounce of you, 

Scream from the rooftop of these lungs,

To tell the world that your loving, 

Can love a thousand men and more, 

But it just can’t seem to love you,




Plead for me to love you, 

Love something that’s so broken,

As though I am here to piece together the parts of you that just don’t add up,

And I wish to write you a love song, to make it better 

Bring the dead back to life but somethings should remain dead,

That’s where their beauty lies, 

In the mould that becomes them overtime, 

because the thought of you just doesn’t seem like something I’m willing to fight for

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