D stands for Not Dead Yet

It’s strange because we are family but it never felt like it,

We were strangers with forms of the same blood that came from a familiar life line yet strangers,

Two completely different swords fighting a war we didn’t know about, on teams we didn’t want to represent,

But you felt like home, 

Your laughter like my mother’s childhood memories told in Disney like animations

Your voice, like a love letter left on my voicemail as a reminder that you are there,

Your hugs, warmer than my house telling me to redefine what homes is,

Your presence, though rare, was like a treasure I never wanted to stop finding, 

But you are gone,

Taken by a needle point hanging you to the grave of your mind,

Forcing you to a man you wouldn’t even recognise,

And we all see your body as it slept peacefully in wood,

Wondering whether it would burn to ashes or soil

One Comment Add yours

  1. Angel says:

    Lovley ….

    Your Voice like a Love Letter


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