Who I am

I am the girl that pulls her skirt down after locking eyes with her mother at a family event, due to the fear that her child like thighs may seduce men in their late 40s

I am the single mother that lives in a council flat in the poorest neighbourhood and can’t speak English, so she leaves the house not 

I am the immigrant that runs from their mother land, and has no clue where to start to find the right documentations

I am the woman that gets beaten to near death experiences because her husband was embarrassed by the way she dressed when he had company

I am the teenager that can’t fit in, so blades have sex with my flesh as blood runs over my skin like scriptures being burnt

I am the body hanging from the ceiling as my neck is attached to the roof by thoughts of suicide haunting me 

I am the black woman that society bashes and tortures none stop, brutally trying to annihilate me 

I am the man that suffers from anxiety and is told to “man up” when faced with conflict 

I am the boy that has rage like a bull being teased in the mud and told to stay down by a pack of hounds with penis attached between their legs 

I am the bullied kid that wants to speak up desperately but cannot, for my life will be taken from me 

I am the faggot, the dike, the beaten and bruised marks of my sexuality offending societies expectations 

I am the young man that sleeps at night and feels the priest’s friendly hand stroke parts of me, I can no longer look at the same

I am the muslim woman who wears a burqa in public and listens to the voices shame my religion, I am the same muslim woman that Boris puts his post through

I am the Mexican that fears the wall will build a gap between me and my children 

I am the opportunity that is not offered to the less privilege, for fear that they may surpass their oppressor 

I am the black, the woman, the muslim, the raped, the damned and the forgot

I am you. 

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  1. Angel says:

    Love this Jayeola

    😍 😍


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