Family Ties

I often think of family as a combination of two things:

  1. Blood relatives 
  2. People you decide are worthy to be your loved ones

But sometimes things can be dark, very dark and both these groups can become people you no longer recognise at all. 

November is a month used to recognise these dark aspects of family and relationships, to open up the conversation and seek help when you need it the most. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is particularly highlighted on the 25th November – a day we should all take a moment of silence (I believe) to honour the women who have suffered and the women who are still suffering. It is really important to remember that these topics often go unnoticed and not spoken about because in our very strange society the news tends to cover a large amount of unnecessary content. So I ask that you continue to speak UP and speak OUT about violence against WOMEN, CHILDREN and MEN. 

In this series, my intentions were to describe the events that can occur in a situation were violence has the room to flourish from one generation to another. Although this series only features three poems, I hope that in each poem there is more than an understanding, there is a picture, there is a person and there is their pain. As humans the best way to connect is to feel and that comes from emotions. 

Thank you.