Letters to A

Hey, I think I have told you this before but poetry is the only language in which I can speak and communicate most effectively. Then English (barely) and then nothing follows them (lol); though I know you probably want some time away from me which without question is understandable, I guess this is more like therapy for me – to simply have you know exactly how I felt. I think our last physical encounter that involved us actually conversing (rather than when we walked passed each other) was not even remotely emotionally appropriate for neither of us. So I guess this is what I would have said if I had not got onto the train and balled my eyes out for the days that followed. This is solely based on my feelings – nothing more, nothing less. This is both a thank you and an apology in a strange way but, more of a thank you than anything else. I don’t know if this is the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning but they both seem like romance movies that one person dies. FUCK! I acted like a fool and please know I’m still in love with you.


This is dedicated to my; friend, lover, and my sexc little minx

The story of A&J

His only

Will you marry me and I love you

Dead End


He loves me, he loves me more


Lust in love

Liking love

What is it?

Let love lead us to hell

Him in me

All the things I want to say to you