Love Letters

Dear You,

The best place to start is by apologising for putting our magic on blast, and to also say thank you. I often hear people say ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and yet they miss the best part out, ‘but satisfaction brought it back’. Strange, a very strange exploitation of such a beautiful saying, that is why I also want to say that although you do not see my face, I hope these words linger in the pool of your emotions and remind you of me. The best parts of me.

I guess in all honesty, I am at that stage of life where if it was a tree, I’d be fully grown with no leaves. And that is not what I desire, because the best version of me is yet to be revealed, so like we all know there is always that part of our lives where all the words we wish to say are no longer bouncing around our heads but have piled up to the brim. We can no longer contain them so we just say it. We build the courage to accept that not everyone will understand and some people will simply not care, but we say it either way.

So, I have accepted that you will never hear these words escape my mouth because I have my persona to maintain but I, like some people, wish to let these words enter the world of existence in order to free myself from what is both a nightmare and a dream. If I am completely honest, these poems are my nightmares as daydreams and I am allowing them come to life. I have always believed that it is the words that people cannot hear that drive us mad, so in all fairness, sanity is just the ripple effect of our voices organising themselves in a manner that is logical and worthwhile. We are all a little crazy and at times we are unable to keep those voices in check, even worse keep our feelings from crumbling and falling out of our mouths, because I live by this saying: ‘say what you mean, and mean what you’, if you don’t, then what is the point.